If you’re planning an epic group adventure in Las Vegas, the Beast Mode Package at Gunship Helicopters is the ultimate way to unite your team and deliver a memorable high-octane thrill. Perfect for groups of ten, this exclusive aerial and ground shooting experience is designed to challenge, inspire, and excite.

Safety First, Thrills Second
Beast Mode begins with a comprehensive safety briefing. Our expert instructors lead your group through firearm safety protocols, helicopter communication guidelines, and an introduction to the range’s targets. Even if some participants are new to firearms, they’ll leave the briefing feeling confident and ready for action. Safety is our priority, and we ensure every team member is comfortable and informed before stepping onto the helicopter.

Aerial Assault in Action
The moment your group ascends in the helicopter, the excitement begins to build. The Mojave Desert landscape stretches out before you, offering a breathtaking backdrop for the adventure ahead. Each member of your team will take turns firing from the open-door helicopter, with the powerful M249 SAW machine gun in hand. As the helicopter hovers over reactive targets placed across the desert, you’ll unleash a barrage of firepower that leaves targets exploding on impact.

Our skilled pilots position you perfectly for precision shooting while instructors offer guidance to ensure you can maximize your accuracy. The exhilarating rush of shooting from the helicopter will have your team buzzing long after the flight.

Ground Shooting Challenges
But the excitement doesn’t stop there. The Beast Mode Package includes a range of ground-based shooting challenges where your group can test their precision with different firearms. Switch between sniper rifles, machine guns, and more as you challenge your team to hit reactive targets and develop your marksmanship skills. Whether you’re competing against each other or working together, the ground combat will push your group to new levels.

Capture Every Moment
With a high-definition video service, your group can capture every moment of their adventure from the helicopter flight to the ground shooting session. Relive the camaraderie, competition, and triumph as you share the footage with friends and family.

Book Your Beast Mode Adventure
The Beast Mode Package is the ultimate choice for bachelor parties, corporate team-building, or any group looking to elevate their adventure in Las Vegas. Secure your spot and bring your team together for an unparalleled experience that will have you buzzing with excitement for weeks to come.