Aerial shooting is one of the most unique and exhilarating ways to bond with your friends and family, and the Squad Up Package at Gunship Helicopters is tailor-made for groups of four who want to share the ultimate Las Vegas adventure. This package provides you and your team with the chance to conquer the skies and enjoy the thrill of firing high-powered firearms from a helicopter.

Preparing Your Squad for Takeoff
Your group’s journey begins at Gunship Helicopters’ 71-acre private range near Las Vegas. Here, our experienced instructors will guide your squad through a comprehensive safety briefing. The instructors will provide crucial information on firearm handling, safety protocols, and the best shooting techniques. Whether you’re a group of seasoned shooters or total beginners, you’ll be confident and prepared for what’s to come.

Ascending to New Heights
The excitement truly begins as you board the helicopter and it lifts off into the sky. With the Mojave Desert stretching out below, each member of your team takes their turn firing rounds from the M249 SAW machine gun at reactive targets strategically placed across the landscape. The sound of your squad’s firepower mixes with the helicopter’s engine, creating a symphony of adrenaline-pumping action.

Our pilots ensure each shooter is perfectly positioned to hit the targets with precision while instructors stand by to offer guidance and support. You’ll see the targets explode on impact, and each successful shot will spark cheers and camaraderie among your team.

Ground Combat Awaits
After your team has taken aim from the skies, it’s time to return to the ground and continue the fun. Our range offers a variety of ground-based shooting challenges that will test your marksmanship using state-of-the-art firearms. Switch between different types of weapons and see who in your squad emerges as the most accurate shooter.

Relive Every Moment
Don’t let your incredible adventure go undocumented. The Squad Up Package includes an option to capture your team’s journey on high-definition video. Share the memories with friends and family and relive every moment together. This keepsake is a treasure that will forever remind you of your adventure in the Mojave Desert.

Book Your Squad Adventure Today
If you’re ready to experience the ultimate bonding adventure with your friends or family, the Squad Up Package is for you. Secure your group’s spot and take your shooting skills to new heights with this unforgettable Las Vegas experience.