When it comes to high-caliber firepower, nothing compares to the Minigun. The Minigun Package at Gunship Helicopters is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to shoot this exclusive firearm from a helicopter, making it the ultimate thrill for anyone seeking a high-octane adventure in Las Vegas.

The Minigun Explained
The Minigun is a fully automatic weapon that can fire thousands of rounds per minute, making it one of the most powerful firearms in existence. Its unique design allows it to unleash an overwhelming barrage of bullets, and controlling this machine gun is an experience like no other. At Gunship Helicopters, you have the exclusive chance to wield this firepower from the sky.

Comprehensive Safety Training
Safety is the number one priority at Gunship Helicopters, and our instructors provide a detailed safety briefing and training session before you take flight. You’ll learn about the Minigun’s unique mechanics, how to handle the recoil, and how to communicate effectively with your pilot while in the air. By the end of the briefing, you’ll feel confident and ready to tackle this challenge.

Aerial Firepower Unleashed
Once airborne, the helicopter rises above the Mojave Desert, and you take your place by the open door. The pilot positions you perfectly for maximum accuracy while firing the Minigun. As the desert stretches before you, unleash the power of this high-caliber weapon at strategically placed targets below. Watch as targets explode on impact, and experience the thrill of controlling the Minigun’s immense firepower.

Precision from the Sky
Aiming the Minigun is both a mental and physical challenge. As you take aim at each target, adjust your shot with precision and ensure every round counts. The rapid-fire barrage leaves you buzzing with adrenaline and satisfaction as you see your hits land.

Relive the Action
Capture this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with our video service, which provides high-definition footage of your entire Minigun shooting experience. Relive the rush of controlling this powerful weapon, and share the excitement with friends and family.

Book the Minigun Package
The Minigun Package is an exclusive offering at Gunship Helicopters, providing you with a unique chance to fire one of the most powerful weapons ever made. Secure your spot today and don’t miss the chance to wield this legendary machine gun from the skies.