Few adventures rival the thrill of shooting a fully automatic machine gun from the open door of a helicopter. The Door Gunner Experience at Gunship Helicopters provides you with this opportunity, flying high above the stunning Mojave Desert and delivering a heart-pounding aerial shooting adventure unlike any other.

Pre-Flight Safety and Preparation
Before you take flight, our expert instructors ensure you’re fully prepared for the adventure ahead. They lead a comprehensive safety briefing that covers everything from firearm operation to communication protocols while in flight. This crucial step ensures that you’re comfortable, confident, and ready for an experience that promises to be nothing short of thrilling.

The Power of the M249 SAW
The real adventure begins when you board the helicopter and rise high above the Nevada desert. The Door Gunner Experience offers you a chance to wield the powerful M249 SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon) belt-fed machine gun while hanging out of the open helicopter door. The rush of the wind and the view of the desert stretching below create an unparalleled atmosphere.

Your mission: to take aim at strategically placed reactive targets scattered across the landscape and unleash 100 rounds of adrenaline-pumping firepower. The pilots provide the perfect angle for you to maximize precision and impact, ensuring that each shot counts as you watch your targets explode.

Post-Flight Debrief and Memories
After landing back at base, you’ll have a chance to debrief with your instructor and reflect on the incredible moments that made up your Door Gunner Experience. Take the opportunity to view and purchase the high-definition video footage of your session, capturing every explosive moment so that you can relive the excitement again and again.

Who Should Book the Door Gunner Experience?
The Door Gunner Experience is designed for anyone seeking an adventure that goes beyond the ordinary. Whether you’re a first-time shooter looking for a new thrill or an experienced marksman eager to test your skills, this experience is unforgettable.

Book Now and Take Aim
Secure your spot now and discover the thrill of aerial shooting for yourself. The Door Gunner Experience fills up quickly due to its popularity, so don’t miss out on your chance to embark on a high-octane journey that will leave you buzzing with excitement.