A Las Vegas gun range experience that will get your adrenaline pumping! This shooting package straps you in with a heavy-duty M249 machine gun from the air on our Door Gunner A-Star helicopter. This adventure continues on the ground level range by taking command of an M113A2 Armored Personnel Carrier where you will unload 25 rounds on the .50 caliber M2HB – a red zone military weapon of choice. Then, fire the most iconic sniper rifle in the world, the Barrett M82A1, .50 caliber sniper rifle. This package climax is one for the gram! You will cap off this day as you hop in our exclusive Humvee and take full control of the one and ONLY minigun on our 71-acre Las vegas outdoor range. With 200 rounds at your disposal, you are going to unleash enough fire and fury to earn your stars and stripes as a Gunship Helicopters veteran.


Shoot An M249 SAW   |  200 Rounds Provided
Experience the exhilarating aerial adventure of shooting an M249 SAW from an Open-Door Helicopter! Over 20 unique targets on the side of a desert mountain await your destruction. With highly accurate firing capabilities, and maneuverability this highly ergonomic weapon will be able to maintain a high rate of fire with accuracy during your gun range experience.

Shoot a Barrett M82A1  |  5 Rounds Provided
The M82A1 rifle marked the beginning of the Barrett legacy. Engineered to fit a shooter’s shoulder, this semi-automatic .50 caliber rifle is a veteran’s best friend in every climate from snow-capped mountains,  desolate deserts, and everywhere the sun touches. Don’t let its size fool you – it has low felt recoil and reliable accuracy with every pull of the trigger. Then fire the most iconic sniper rifle in the world—the .50 Caliber Barrett M82A1 at our long range target area. 

Humvee Minigun |  200 Rounds Provided
You will cap off this adventure when you command a mounted Minigun atop a Humvee and take out the nearby targets awaiting their annihilation!  First used in Vietnam where it was used on attack helicopters, it is now at your disposal and ready to fire! Since then, it has been transformed into an even faster-machine gun to fire almost 6,000 rounds a minute. You will not be disappointed with this weapon. 

M-2HB |  25 Rounds Provided
Fire the fifty caliber M-2HB from the commander’s position of the APC. This weapon was built to have true grit with unrelenting power, so it is sure to knock your socks off.

M113 APC Drive
Take control of the wheel in this once-in-a-lifetime experience of operating an armored personnel carrier (APC) vehicle.

Relive the Experience |  Video Package
Take home a USB thumb drive of your experience to share your adventure with friends and family.

Gunship T-shirt or Hat
Take home a Gunship Helicopters T-shirt or Hat to keep the memories alive.

    Not to worry! Our armory is stockpiled to your heart’s content. Ask your range instructor how you can get more or see more of what we have to offer.



    Complimentary transportation is available for 1-6 guests with this package, and we pick up from most major hotels in Las Vegas. If you prefer to drive yourself and be extra socially distant, get a special discount from Go Rentals. Just call this number (702) 262-6214 and mention Gunship Helicopters. This will get you a discounted price. Mountain views rarely come with asphalt, so please be sure to request a Jeep for the smoothest ride. Please note: Uber/Lyft/Taxi are not an option for transportation from our range. Complimentary transportation is based upon availability at the time of your booking.  Additionally, pickup times may be adjusted to meet qualifying transportation requests.

    Our gun range is located approximately 45 minutes south of the Las Vegas Strip in Sandy Valley. Any arrival later than 30 minutes will forfeit your shooting experience. Be sure to use Waze navigation app to find our range location efficiently. Reservations are required, and please be sure you head to our range, not our Vegas office when it’s time for your experience. The range address is 24001 Kingston Rd.  Sandy Valley, NV 89019. Please be aware of your time constraints – we want to have the time of your life! For more on our tour policies, see more here.

    Get ready! Our expert range safety officers will outline all safety protocols to be taken during your experience. Without safety, there are no Gunship Helicopters! We take it very seriously and look forward to you having the best time you have ever had.

    Whatever your choice is for this multi-option shooting package, it’s time to feel the surge of exhilaration! Our A-Star helicopter is among the most popular and safest of commercial aircraft in the world and will fit 2 passengers comfortably. Range instructors will guide you through each weapon you’re about to fire on either our mountain-side aerial shooting range or our ground level gun range. The choice is yours – make it count!

    After your After your Air & Ground Assault experience, it’s time to depart and head back home but not before you have checked out our upgraded shooting options – we have a whole arsenal! Ask yourself this – how many times will you be in Las Vegas at a 71-acre outdoor gun range? Upgrade here for our premium VIP package, Suppressive Fire, to operate a battle tank, shoot the infamous sniper, a Barrett M82A1 & more! Or see our other VIP experiences.


    VIDEO INCLUDED | Take The Action Home With You

    Relive your experience from 4 different cameras recording your experience from inside and outside the helicopter. This video is provided complimentary with this shooting package.



    We appreciate your business and strive to make this an unforgettable experience for you, your family, and friends. 


    Can I Get More Ammo?

    300 Club | $500

    • M249 SAW – 200 Additional Rounds
    • Extend Your Flight Time With Even More Rounds
    • Only Available With Helicopter Package

    Reload | $250

    • M249 SAW – Additional 100 Rounds
    • Only Available With Helicopter Package
    What Other Add-ons Are Available?

    Luxury Roundtrip Helicopter Transportation From Las Vegas | $3500 

    The Variety Pack Ground Package | $125

    • Barrett .50 Caliber – 1 Round
    • M4A1 – 30 Rounds
    • MP5 – 30 Rounds
    • Only Available With Helicopter Package

    Air Assault | $200 

    • Experience a low-level tactical flight mission at the beginning of your flight adventure that you’ll never forget!

    The Arsenal Ground Package | $350

    • Barrett .50 Caliber – 2 Rounds
    • M4A1 – 120 Rounds
    • MP5 – 60 Rounds
    • Only Available With Helicopter Package

    Smoke Grenade Action Shot | $25

    • Get a photograph for yourself or with your friends while a smoke grenade trails in the distance as our A-Star helicopter fly’s above your head in the background.

    Mountain Top Flight | $100

    • Extend your shooting experience with additional flight time at an even higher altitude! 

    Ride Along | $100

    • If you want to support your friend or family member but do not want to shoot, you can ride along with them in the helicopter.
    What Do I Need To Bring With Me?
    • Photo ID
    • Close-toed shoes
    • Water Bottle (for extra hydration)
    • The credit card you purchased the package with
    • Sunglasses and a hat or something to cover your head from the sun is recommended
    • Sunscreen – This is important in the summer months especially
    • Layered clothing for various weather conditions
    How Long Will The Tour Be?

    3-4 hours roundtrip for basic packages and party sizes. An extended length of time may occur for groups or larger packages.

    Is There A Minimum Age To Shoot?

    Yes. You must be at least 15 years of age and assisted by an adult if you’re under the age of 18

    Can I Take Someone With Me In The Helicopter?

    Yes. If you have someone with you who is not shooting and wants to go up in the helicopter with you, they can join in on the fun for an extra $100. 




    Get Group Rates

    SQUAD UP | $1650

    GROUP SPECIAL! Join your family and friends for an experience everyone can enjoy with this special offer for a group of 4. First time shooters are welcome!

    BEAST MODE | $4550

    GROUP SPECIAL! Get cleared to shoot the fully automatic, belt-fed M249 SAW. Open fire from an A-Star Helicopter air on multiple groups of airplanes, and targets.

    Door Gunner w/ Minigun $3750

    The ONLY place to shoot an M134 Minigun from an A-Star Helicopter in the United States. Celebrate your freedom and shoot today!



    If you’re not yet convinced this will be the best shooting range experience you can have in Las Vegas, give our staff a call and we will be happy to answer any further questions you have (702) 467-4613