After your ground simulation and pre-flight briefing, you’ll board our mission flight Gunship helicopter for the ultimate one-of-a-kind Las Vegas shooting experience. Once in control of the fully automatic, belt-fed M249 SAW, you are cleared to open fire from the air on multiple groups of airplanes, zombies and AR-500 reactive steel targets. Take in the Mojave Desert scenery on our exclusive, 71-acre range while Vietnam-era rock plays in the background.

Next, you’ll head over to our ground range, where skilled marksmen prepare to take aim at targets 600 yards away. Your heart will pound with excitement as you experience the awesome power of the semi-automatic, Barrett M82A1 .50 caliber long-range sniper rifle.
Next, climb into the driver’s seat and take your turn driving the most prolific armored personnel carrier in the world. After learning to navigate, you’ll make your way to the ridge and fire 25 rounds from the M-2HB machine gun.

Finally, you get to choose to either get behind the M60’s main gun and take your turn experiencing the awesome power of firing a 105 mm high-velocity tank round OR get your hands on the exclusive Minigun, also known as the M-134, that fires more than 4,000 rounds per minute. This is the weapon seen fired by U.S. Forces from aircraft and vehicles from Vietnam to the present day.

    • Door Gunner (200 Rounds)
    • Barrett M82A1 (5 Rounds)
    • M60A1 Main Battle Tank Shot
    • APC M-2 (25 Rounds)


  • HMMWV Minigun (200 Rounds)
  • Video of experience
  • Choice of T-Shirt or Hat



Suppressive Fire

From: $4,000.00

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