Minigun + Helicopter = Ultimate Thrill | Gunship HelicoptersShooting any firearm from an aerial location presents its own unique set of benefits and challenges, from variations in accuracy based on weather patterns to simple weight and ease of use required when performing the role of door gunner. We will look at the features and benefits of the minigun in detail, so that you can make an informed decision about whether to use this firearm for your aerial operations.

The big pro to using a minigun from a helicopter is the sheer power it offers. Miniguns are capable of firing thousands of rounds per minute, making them great for suppressive fire or for covering large areas with quick, intense bursts. This makes them incredibly useful for military or police operations that require precision accuracy while dealing with threats or dangerous scenarios.

Design and Structure

The minigun is made up of six individual barrels that are air-cooled and arranged in a circular form. These barrels rotate when fired, allowing for quick and accurate shots while also preventing overheating. This design makes the minigun both reliable and versatile; it can fire up to 4,000 rounds per minute, making it one of the most powerful weapons on the market today.


The minigun utilizes a variety of ammunition types, including 7.62×51mm NATO cartridges and 5.56×45mm NATO bullets. This makes it perfect for various uses. Plus, with its high rate of fire, you will have plenty of firepower to fend off any potential attackers who may try to threaten your life or personal property.

Rate of Fire

The rate of fire is one of the most impressive features of the minigun. With its six barrels rotating at 3,000 RPMs each, it can fire up to 4,000 rounds per minute—which means you’ll never be without protection should an attack occur! Plus, its ability to maintain accuracy even at such high speeds makes this weapon invaluable for anyone looking for reliable protection from potential aerial threats.

Overall, the minigun is an incredibly powerful weapon that provides shooters with unbeatable protection and coverage. Its impressive design structure allows it to do everything mentioned above – all while being able to accommodate multiple types of ammunition as well.

However, as many benefits as they carry, there are a few things to keep in mind when using a minigun from a helicopter or any aerial location. The recoil generated by such firepower will shake the entire aircraft and can pose a safety hazard if not properly managed. In addition, the sheer weight of the weapon coupled with its ammo requirements means that the helicopter must be pre-emptively outfitted and reinforced appropriately.

When planned properly and used in the right situations, helicopters equipped with miniguns can prove extremely effective tools for providing protection and support when needed most—or even recreational enjoyment in some areas of the US. It is important to remember to do your due diligence and once you do, the combination of the helicopter and the minigun is one that is sure to serve your shooting needs, whatever they may be.