Since the Mandalay Bay massacre in 2017, Las Vegas has experienced some contentious moments.

  • What can be done?
  • How far are we going to push this issue?
  • How many new regulations will be added to existing laws?
  • How will the mass media’s effect change the gun market?

These are all very big issues that we must consider, and address at our earliest convenience. First and foremost, we need to give sincere thought to the current legislation in place regarding machine guns in Las Vegas. After all, both law enforcement and the victims of the horrific crime that happened at Mandalay Bay brought this issue to the forefront of our consciousness. This now opens up the opportunity for us to voice our opinions, and make ourselves better-informed, law-abiding citizens.

This is especially true as it relates to those who seek to buy, possess, or receive heavy weapons from any source. For the most part, there was a consensus that passing the universal law was an abomination.

The National Rifle Association was against it from the get-go, warning that the new legislation would open the door for all legal challenges to overcome. In the end, even their prediction proved to be wrong. Instead of protecting law-abiding citizens, this new legislation provided a loophole in the already restrictive gun laws that allowed people to easily obtain firearms of any form, including machine guns.

Now that the loophole has been found, what is to stop people from taking advantage of this and obtaining illegal guns? The new laws apply only to registered dealers. So while you might have gotten away with one or two before, you will probably be caught now and you will be prosecuted. If you have questions, you can contact your local law enforcement officials and inquire about how the new laws will affect you, but again, the odds are stacked heavily against you. So be sure to do your own research regarding any questions you have.

So, how can you protect yourself?
It’s simple – you just need to be educated on what to look for when purchasing a machine gun and learning how to safely operate one. If you are planning on purchasing one online then you should know that there are many unscrupulous folks out there looking to make a quick buck by selling a machine gun to the unsuspecting buyer. Be sure to check for feedback left by past customers – you don’t want to hand over any money until you are fully satisfied with what you find and aware of the product you are purchasing. This can avoid any future disagreements down the road regarding ownership and responsibility.

So the bottom line is this – while it may be fun to shoot a gun for the sheer excitement, know that a machine gun Las Vegas is strictly for law-abiding citizens. They range in price from a couple of hundred dollars and upwards of one thousand. Just remember that one error in judgment can land you in deep trouble with the law. It is better to be safe than sorry!