The city of Las Vegas is the most exciting place for anyone to shoot pool in billiard halls, gamble in casinos, and even learn to shoot automatic machine guns at an indoor or outdoor shooting range in Las Vegas. The ranges in Las Vegas are world-famous and the gun ranges offer the best experience from beginners to advanced.

Want be part of this exhilarating adventure? All you need to do is book a session at a shooting range in Las Vegas before you through their doors. The packages are easily accessible to find online and available at all times of the day with your budget in mind.

There is no need to worry if you are a beginner too – all instructors are professionals. They expect you to be a first-timer! The process starts with a safety orientation where you get trained to handle your weapon of choice, go over safety requirements, and the range’s rules + regulations.

A specially designed course is made to make your Las Vegas outdoor shooting package an unforgettable experience you cannot help but enjoy. Your instructor will teach you everything there is to know about the weapon and the strategies involved to get the best shot.

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Here is the process:
Choose a weapon that stands out to you – there are many! Purchase ammunition at the shooting range, then you’re locked and loaded!

They have everything you will need for the entire course including ammunition, cleaning rods, goggles, protective clothing, sunglasses, and earplugs. However, it is a good idea to call ahead and ask any questions that you may have.

Apart from a complete arsenal of weapons and ammunition, you may also need to rent other things like binoculars, targets, and sometimes, round-trip transportation for your group. So be sure to give them a call before heading out. When you have everything required for a successful Las Vegas outdoor shooting range experience, you can leave the range without any delays. Your group will have an experienced instructor with them that will guarantee a fun and enjoyable experience.

First, on the list of options to have this shooting experience is Gunship Helicopters shooting range – a world-famous attraction located in Sandy Valley, Nevada (about 45 minutes from the Las Vegas strip). It is a fully automated machine gun range on 71-acres of open land that is very popular among tourists – pre and post COVID-19. The tour operators will organize a group tour around the whole shooting range. With the tour, you will be provided with information on how to use the machine guns, what to expect in the helicopter, and other mentionable safety measures.

Aerial photograph of a man shooting a flame thrower into the air

There are many options available for this particular adventure of a shooting range in las vegas but before you take a look at any others, we suggest you check out what it is like to shoot an M249 SAW or Minigun from a door gunner helicopter here.

Wherever or whatever you do while in the city of Las Vegas, there are endless options that are wonderful for planning family outings in this amazing place, or heading out with your friends and shooting ranges are just a small niche that you can enjoy this weekend.